Exclusive Co-Working Space Special

In your wltup workation package can be included

  • Welcome Dinner
  • Exclusive 4-week full version of the b.Near virtual office tool via Microsoft Teams Business for you & a maximum of 4 other colleagues (note: only included for employees of a company – not for individual self-employed + an admin must activate this once in the company)
  • Airport pick-up & shuttle throughout the week
  • Digital coaching offers
  • Networking Event
  • min. 3x yoga unit included
  • Workshops (usually digital, but also live on site if necessary)
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Drinks: water, coffee, tea
  • Party special

Ø Package price for 7 nights

799 – 1.200 €

  • All our packages are unique and exclusive. Prices vary depending on the season, occupancy and special available services offered.

    We combine accommodation

    + Supply

    + professional & personal coaching offers

    + Experiences

    for your
    perfect workation

Good to know!

  • Important: The Hub in Ibiza, which is pictured here, is exclusively the co-working space! Please let us know in your booking request which form of accommodation you would prefer: Hotel, Hostel, Apartment, shared Villa! The total price is then based on the matching availabilities. When choosing accommodation, we make sure that it is not too far from the co-working space, because you can only reach it by car. However, the co-working space offers daily shuttles if you don’t prefer your own rental car.
  • You will receive a checklist on how to best prepare for your wltup workstation & coordinate with your team in advance.
  • Planning assistance: We support you in planning excursions and coaching sessions so that you can use your working time effectively and in a focused manner.

Location & Description

You’re looking at one of the nicest and largest co-working spaces we’ve come across. The atmosphere and ambience is great. You enjoy the beauty of the location and at the same time you are always motivated because everyone is there. When it’s closing time, there’s always something to do here and of course in Ibiza in general. At the first moment we were confused when we went to the location, because the location is neither close to the sea nor in a city or village. In the first moment it is a small remote industrial area 10 minutes away from Ibiza Town, but you don’t feel anything of all that once you enter the location. Furnished with a lot of love and style, The Hub in Ibiza is an absolute recommendation for a unique Workation experience.

But it can only be a unique workation if the whole package fits and here we want to support you with the perfect package!

You decide:

  • What type of accommodation you want? (Hotel, Hostel, Villa, Apartment)
  • What food do you need?
  • What transportation services do you need? (rental car or shuttles)
  • What coaching, workshops would you like to see?

Our recommendation:

Request a Workation Villa package with the Hub’s co-working space special. You are then housed in a villa with a maximum of 10 like-minded people and you travel together to the co-working space.

Just write us in the booking request what you prefer! Everything is possible with wltup.com

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