What is Workation2022-12-16T16:18:18+01:00

Use Workation correctly

For example as an alternative
for salary increase

Use Workation correctly

For example as an alternative
for salary increase


How do we understand Workation?2022-11-28T12:57:38+01:00

For us, workation is more than just moving the home office abroad or to a vacation spot.
For us, Workation = vacation environment + services + individual preferences + trainings + mindset + helpful tools + trust by employer.
We want to make Workation an experience for you professionally and privately.

How do we make unique workation packages?2022-11-28T13:49:25+01:00

We combine in individual packages suitable accommodation, appropriate services, such as food, drink, wellness, sports offers + trainings, such as coaching, workshops + culture/mindset offers, such as excursions, networking barbecues + technical tools, such as team support tools for successful hybrid collaboration, and much more.
We advise and support employers in integrating workation as a sensible flexible working model into their own corporate culture. We act as an interface for employers for documentation, approval, and cost settlement processes to keep the operational burden low for all parties involved. If we have a partnership with your employer, there is an agreed framework that also clarifies all relevant issues, such as tax law, reporting requirements and insurance coverage and allows you a secure workation. In addition, your employer may provide financial support for your Workation. We also take care of that for you when you partner with your employer.
We advise hosts on how to make their accommodation a perfect workation accommodation and help them to constantly optimize it based on your experience.

Am I allowed to work from abroad?2022-11-28T13:51:11+01:00

It would be nice if you could just answer “yes” to that question. However, this is not the case, as there are often different regulations in the EU that affect the length of stay, social security status, reporting requirements, labor law and much more. Within the EU, thanks to the high status of the right of residence for EU citizens, many things are possible even in the current situation. Even after the corona pandemic, companies must continue to build on the new working models that are being created as a result. In principle, it is always helpful to make an additional agreement with your employer and to actively communicate this wish. It is often still difficult for employers to simply say to the entire workforce “You can”, as long as this has not already been comprehensively checked. This is where we want to start and support your employer to enable this process to be regulated, clean and amicable for all employees who can already work independently on an inpatient basis.

How long can I work from abroad?2022-11-28T14:06:33+01:00

There’s no easy answer to that with one number, because it depends a lot on where you’re traveling to. Different rules may apply in each country, even within the EU. Different factors always have to be considered: Which country? Which (wage) tax law applies? What social security obligations apply? Are there any registration/visa requirements? Which labor law applies? Are there any frameworks in your company that you have already signed that enable or even block Workation? For EU citizens, working within the EU in another country is possible in principle. Under tax law, an EU citizen employed in Germany also does not have to pay income tax abroad if he works less than half of his working hours abroad. If less than 183 days are worked abroad, German wage tax law applies. Our workation offers are not aimed at long-term stays, but range from 1 to 12 weeks.

Who pays my stay for my wlt trip?2022-11-28T14:25:34+01:00

Like your vacation and your own living space, you have to bear the costs for your Workation stay and travel yourself. However, it is our request that your employer supports this model in the future, in addition to the existing condition models such as vacation days, salary and bonus regulations, also with a subsidized share, in which you are not only simply offered a home office in paradise, but also further training and many other factors that support you professionally and personally. Recommend us to your employer and we will try to create the best conditions for you and your colleagues so that you can immediately book an individual workation package with us.

How can I convince my employer to allow Workation?2022-12-20T10:33:23+01:00
  1. Check if more than a handful of colleagues also want workation options. Because if it’s just you, it’s obviously harder to integrate the model into the business.
  2. Trust: Trust is at the core of every relationship, including your relationship with your employer and supervisors. Have there already been any breaches of trust as a result of remote work? Did the home office make the company less efficient? If all the arguments around the topic of trust are positive, you have already clarified the most important core.
  3. Speak up aggressively about wanting a few workation weeks.
  4. Also ask for financial support for your workation. This financial support can also be an alternative to salary increases and/or based on training budgets, as workation also implies coaching in our packages.
  5. Your employer is often still occupied and/or blocked by the following topics: Adjustment of the general conditions and employee contracts, insurance coverage, labor law, income tax law and much more. Documentation of smooth controlled workation participations also occupy the employer. This is not about controlling you – the employer has a duty of care to fulfill. At this point you can recommend us “work-live-travel”, ergo the wlt GmbH to your employer. We put this all together once.
  6. A sentence we have heard more often: “Workation – that’s just home office on the beach. How does that help me as an employer if I allow my employee:s to do that?” And here, too, what makes us unique as a workstation provider comes into play: we are not simply concerned with relocating the home office abroad. We want to offer great accommodations with great workplaces and terrific services. With us you can not only pursue your passions, such as sports, yoga, hiking – no you can or should, through coaching, networking and workshops professional and private development. This supports your motivation and innovation power also to the advantage of your employer.
What does wlt currently offer me that others don’t?2022-11-16T18:54:02+01:00

We don’t know of any vendor yet that is looking for diverse workation offerings and packaging them into a holistic workation approach. We list not only a suitable accommodation, but an individual package. We do not simply advise the employer on how to systemically integrate Workation into his company, but want to go further directly with the service of our packages for the employees. We also want to help our hosts consistently develop their Workation capabilities for our users.

It is important to us that you feel comfortable and appreciated, and that you can return this trust to your employer with the best possible efficiency.

Am I allowed to work as a self-employed person from abroad and can I also book via wlt?2022-11-28T14:32:05+01:00

Here a very clear “yes”. You are your own boss in this case. You can easily book all wlt offers.

However, you are also responsible for your own protection. Check if your insurance coverage (e.g. health, liability, accident insurance) is valid in the respective destination country. If you work abroad for less than 183 days, German wage tax law will generally continue to apply. You are also responsible for the possible visa requirements in the respective destination country. As an EU citizen, this does not usually exist.

Why is it worth supporting wlt and helping to shape the working world of tomorrow every day?2022-11-16T18:55:40+01:00

The time has come to take time again more consciously. To use time consciously. Time to get to know each other. Time for life. How we invest our time is critical to our success and happiness in life. This is true in both the private and professional spheres.

With our “work – live – travel” concept, we want to offer working people suitable workation packages that fit their individual life phases. Attracting and retaining talent takes more than fruit baskets, free coffee, fancy offices or the option of 2 home office days. We want to play a key role in shaping the employer market for new flexible working models with strong workation packages. Why shouldn’t annual salary discussions in the future also be about the ideally subsidized support of workstations, in addition to the classics such as salary, vacation days, bonus payments or sabbaticals?

At the same time, we also want to give the tourism and culture industry a new seasonal-independent impetus by integrating workation offers. Our goal is for every participant in our circuit to benefit. We look forward to welcoming you as a wlt friend and building a digital project from Germany into a real experience. Thank you in advance for any form of feedback or criticism.

How can my employer make Workation possible?2022-11-16T18:56:42+01:00

There are many perspectives on this. Is your company based in the holiday country you want? Are there already additional agreements in your employment contract that regulate this? Does your employer have an interest in making this possible for employee retention/recruitment? And many more questions… We want to support you here and create the framework so that you can start your workation with a clear conscience and your employer can offer this to all employees in the future without continuous additional expenses. Simply recommend us to your employer and we will take care of the rest.

How does wlt support me as an employer:in?2022-11-16T18:57:25+01:00

We help you find the right model to suit your own corporate culture. We advise and support in the areas of labor law, data protection, hybrid team management, tax law, among others, so that a workation model can be used in a compliance-compliant manner. We reduce long-term effort through automated interfaces for documentation & billing.

How can workstations be officially approved?2023-02-12T18:29:10+01:00

Case A) as an individual:

If you work at a company where there are no work-study options, but you still want to do work-study, your first step should be to talk to your direct supervisor. This is usually followed by further interviews with the HR department and your team. Often, the first issue is trust. Unfortunately, it gets complicated when it comes to the issue of effort to enable you a workstation stay. Because in this case it is always a matter of clarifying the individual case. This costs a lot of money internally in the HR department and often externally with lawyers and tax firms for a single person. But if you have clearance from your boss and HR, you’re already a few steps ahead. In most cases, the contract is then adjusted to regulate liabilities and obligations.

Case B) for All:

If your company considers the option of almost allowing workation to all employees, it makes much more sense in the long run. In this case, holistic frameworks and rules are usually expanded in the course of the company’s own compliance fundamentals. When setting up these rules, the following factors are sensibly recorded for all: Data protection, labor law, tax law, technology, software, insurance coverage, internal information chains, approved target countries. The final regulatory process is about how these frameworks have contractual validity. This can be implemented via works council agreements and/or supplementary agreements.

What risks do I have to bear as an employee?2022-01-25T10:39:53+01:00

If your employer has a contractual relationship with us, the risks are low, except for force majeure such as natural disasters, etc. (known interpretations from normal holiday bookings). You will also be protected by additional insurance that you may need depending on the country you are traveling to and/or that your employment contract does not cover.

What risks does the employer bear?2022-01-25T10:39:53+01:00

As soon as we have a contractual relationship with your employer, including official, legally binding bodies and, if necessary, corresponding additional agreements and/or insurance policies have been concluded, the possible risks are reduced many times over.

How can I use work-live-travel with my employer?2022-01-25T10:39:53+01:00

You can book your stay in a paradise with a productive work environment through us. We want your employer to know that you are in good hands and that you lack nothing to work efficiently. But not only that. We want you to take the opportunity to gain new insights about yourself on site, to educate yourself, to network with other Paradies workers and to receive daily inspiration for you and your employer. Your employer can also subsidize your stay through additional coaching that we offer in the packages. Furthermore, all legal frameworks are defined together in advance and your employer is on the safe side. We also want to create maximum transparency for everyone. Your employer knows from us when you are where and if you receive a subsidy, the invoices are automatically processed by us in order to keep the costs for your employer as low as possible.

Why are we currently only offering offers in Spain?2022-01-25T10:39:54+01:00

There’s a good reason for that. We want to develop legally clean processes and here we have to check for you and your employer from country to country. We are not an official legal advisor, so we involve international law firms accordingly. We decided to start with Spain because Spain is still one of the most popular travel destinations for Germans and on the other hand Spain also offers a wide variety of regions. From the Atlantic, over the mountains to the Mediterranean Sea and small villages as well as the big cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville.

Who are we doing this for and why?2022-12-19T14:51:47+01:00
For you as an employee, self-employed, freelancer
  • If we have a contractual relationship with your employer, you can benefit from subsidized benefits through your employer + this also ensures legal clearance through your employer.
  • View offers, fill out the form and send the request.
  • We package your individual Workation experience.

> Make working time a lifetime for you. You receive the appreciation through, among other things, trainings, mindfulness opportunities that help you develop personally and professionally.

For you as an employer
  • We help you find the right model to suit your own corporate culture.
  • We advise and support in the areas of labor law, data protection, hybrid team management, tax law, among others, so that a workation model can be used in a compliance-compliant manner.
  • We reduce long-term effort through automated interfaces for documentation & billing.

> Increase in operational value creation, productivity + retention of employees increase the attractiveness of the company.

For you as host
  • We want to provide the beleaguered tourism industry with a more seasonally independent clientele.
  • We want to support you in creating the perfect workstation experience for this target group by advising you on equipment.
  • By enhancing the offerings with services such as training, sports, tools, among others, we increase the attractiveness of the overall experience.

> More guests.

For you as a coach or service provider
  • We want to build the perfect Workation experiences and for that we need the best coaches and trainers digitally or even on site at the booked accommodations.
  • Other services, such as technical tools, sports activities or other supporting aids should also make a Workation package unique for all.

> More female customers and flexible work locations.

Who are we?

Raoul Dery
Raoul DeryFounder & CEO
“Only when you’re in a pleasant state of experience, every organ in the body and your brain work at it’s best.
There is no question about it.”
(Jagadish Vasudev/ Sadghuru)
Rick Stremel
Rick StremelCo-Founder
“Travel because money returns.
Time doesn’t.”
Rafael Dery
Rafael DeryCo-Founder & Web Developer
“It’s not about traveling to as many countries as possible, it’s about seeing the world through different eyes.”
(Marcus Aurelius)

Why do we believe in it?

Terms such as new work, hybrid work, and remote teams now occupy employers’ minds permanently. Home office or remote work was once an absolute exception. But then came Corona and home office, first as a state obligation and now as the most far-reaching entrepreneurial standard. In parallel, a young generation is pushing its way into the market, although “pushing” is rather wrong at this point – the labor market now has to compete for them and no longer the other way around. Add to this the fact that an employer must increasingly become a lifetime co-creator and supporter. New work models and also forms of remuneration are in demand. Why not earn valuable lifetime in the future instead of only money?

However, the pandemic did not only result in home offices, but also in a massive boost to general digitization processes in companies.
Digitization processes touch almost every pillar of a company. From HR tools, team structures, team cultures to office space redesigns, most of a company’s value propositions are affected. Without the pandemic, many or most companies in Germany would not have included statements such as “home office possible” in their invitations to tender. Even now, there are still many companies that cannot offer location-independent working in the first place due to the nature of their business. However, these companies are also participating in digitization and may not yet be aware of the options for changing work processes that are emerging as a result of further developments in digitization. From our point of view, one of the most socially dangerous aspects is the social alienation and also the psychological and physical neglect of each individual.

Another elementary factor is the employees. The freedom to carry out one’s work at any time and in the best case more independently of location is becoming increasingly important. On the other hand, this also resulted and still results in new challenges. A team call cannot permanently replace real social contacts. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse will never be able to completely replace the real thing. Rather, the development towards something also always gives rise to an antipole that makes the value of the real even more attractive. Many are happy about being able to work permanently in a home office, but there are just as many who appreciate having office days or escaping the family hustle and bustle at home during a call to the office. There are many arguments for and against home office developments, and that’s a good thing. Because, there are even more different people and interests, life phases, which exactly need or rather even demand the individual mixability in the future. More than ever, companies must focus on the individual. In the past, you had to construct your life around work – today, employers have to create constructions where work is oriented around people and their life situation.

Workation doesn’t have to be an option for everyone. However, workstations need to have a broader footprint for every possible clientele. From the hip 28-year-old surfer to families, hiking, wellness lovers, the offer must adapt accordingly broad in the tourism industry. Work-life balance is just as important as balancing personal interests/incentives with career challenges. A workation may also not simply be the relocation of the home office abroad. It must offer more for the employee and thus also for the employer. Employees who are parents with school-age children have on average between 26-30 vacation days per year, while their children have 3 months of vacation. Workation models in the tourism industry can create new living spaces for more compatibility here. Our goal, with the right Workation packages, is to take advantage of the benefits that digitalization brings us and combine them with real encounters of people and wonderful places.

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