With a team survey to the right team workation
Service tip: Finding the right team workout with a team survey

How annoying would it be if you invested a lot of planning time in a team workshop and suddenly some team members can’t or don’t want to take part? Use our sample form to request this anonymously before the actual organization. We will be happy to create an individual form with your customizations. You will then receive the results and intersections, including a briefing recommendation.

Simply send an e-mail to:


Hello Team,

Your employer is planning a team workation. Before we start planning, we would like to hear your opinions and wishes. Participation in the team workation is voluntary and not mandatory. We would like to know if you are interested, at what times and what your requirements are. Based on your answers, we will determine the best possible Team Workation offer that also fits financially. This survey is anonymous.

Let´s start!


Would you be interested in a team workation? *
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In which months would a team workation make sense for you? *
Multiple selection possible. If necessary, also take into account months in which you regularly have to be on site at trade fairs and customer appointments, for example.
Desired services
Do you have children?
Do you want/need to take your children with you to the team workation?
Do you need childcare?