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January – April 2024

You are allowed and able to work from anywhere?

Are you a winter sports enthusiast or do you want to try skiing for the first time?

We provide you with all-in-one solutions in the Austrian, Swiss, or Italian Alps, including coworking spaces, ski passes, meals, great accommodations, and a community.
After acquiring interested participants, we contact you. In this process, we categorize the participants based on their personal and professional similarities to ensure a balanced ratio for the perfect Ski Workation Week.
Subsequently, we offer various time slots to choose from. Once a sufficient number of participants select an option, we inform them for further booking of the workation.

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Exemplary Ski, Work & Connect – Locations

Embracing the Great Possibilities of a Workation via the Ski, Work & Connect-Events in the Austrian, Italian, and Swiss Alps

The concept of a workation, a blend of work and vacation, has gained immense popularity in recent years, and there’s no better place to experience it than in the breathtaking landscapes of the Austrian, Italian, and Swiss Alps. These stunning alpine regions offer not only a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life but also the perfect environment for productive remote work. In this essay, we’ll explore the great possibilities of embarking on a workation in these alpine paradises.

First and foremost, the natural beauty of the Alps is awe-inspiring. The picturesque snow-capped mountains, lush green meadows, and crystal-clear lakes create a rejuvenating backdrop for your workday. Imagine starting your morning with a cup of coffee on the balcony, overlooking the snow-covered peaks, before diving into your work tasks. The Alps provide a tranquil and inspiring setting that can enhance creativity and productivity.

Furthermore, the workation experience in the Alps is not just about remote work; it’s about a holistic lifestyle. With access to modern amenities and infrastructure, you can seamlessly combine your work commitments with various leisure activities. After a productive morning, you can break for a skiing or snowboarding session, a snowshoe hike, or a leisurely stroll along scenic trails. The possibilities are limitless.

A key aspect of a successful workation is a well-rounded support system. The Austrian, Italian, and Swiss Alps offer excellent coworking spaces equipped with high-speed internet, modern technology, and a comfortable environment for work. These spaces foster a sense of community, allowing you to connect with like-minded professionals and share experiences.

Access to skiing and snowboarding is one of the major highlights of a workation in the Alps. With inclusive ski passes, you can hit the slopes in your free time. The Alps are home to world-renowned ski resorts, offering a range of slopes suitable for all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a novice, the Alps provide an unparalleled opportunity to embrace the winter sports culture.

To top it off, the culinary delights of the region are a treat for your taste buds. Enjoy delicious Alpine cuisine, including fondue, raclette, and hearty stews. These dishes are perfect for warming up after a day of work and play in the snow.

In conclusion, a workation in the Austrian, Italian, and Swiss Alps is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the best of both worlds. The stunning natural beauty, excellent work facilities, winter sports, and the chance to connect with a community of fellow workationers make it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. With all these great possibilities, the Alps truly are a workation paradise.