We recommend that you only book your arrival and departure after you have received your booking confirmation. (Attention: Do not confuse this with the booking confirmation!) In addition, we always recommend that you book your arrival and departure with the option to cancel if possible and/or take out valid travel cancellation insurance. It can always happen that you cannot take part for health reasons. Even with Net-Workation bookings, there is the potential case (rare) that one of the respective hosts/organizers has to cancel the Net-Workation because too many participants have cancelled at short notice. In this case, you will in any case receive back the deposit of 10% (to newworkation.com | wlt GmbH) and the payments made to the host/organizer. However, neither the host/organizer nor wlt GmbH are liable for your arrival and departure costs, which is why we recommend that you always take out travel cancellation insurance to cover these.