A partnership as a host is basically free of charge. We both only earn from successful bookings, with one exception for team workations. As a Team Workation partner, you can register easily and free of charge and sign up for future team briefings. When you receive a briefing, you can decide whether you want to place a corresponding offer. Each offer placement for an exclusive customer briefing costs €25 placement fee. You can then simply create your quote using our Team-Workation quote generator. A maximum of up to 9 offers can be placed for an exclusive Team Workation request. If the team decides in favor of your offer, you should factor in a commission of 10% of the final gross booking price. After successfully booking a team workation, you will receive an invoice for the 10% commission. Directly visible offer placements at MY- and NET-Workations are free of charge. Here, too, you should always include 10% commission in your final gross booking price. This is paid directly to us by the guest as a deposit.