The costs vary greatly and depend on various factors. This includes the type of accommodation, the number of family members, the length of stay, the desired activities and the chosen catering option. The costs are influenced by the choice of accommodation (e.g. vacation home or hotel), the size of the family, extras such as childcare, planned excursions and the region. The time of travel also plays a major role, especially the peak travel times (unfortunately often school vacations) can be more expensive. The costs vary depending on the destination and local cost of living. Popular vacation regions can be more expensive. It is important to tailor the budget to the specific needs of the family and the chosen location. Early planning leads to lower prices. Take advantage of family offers and discounts for longer stays. Self-sufficiency can save costs. Also consider local conditions and cultural events. Family workations with like-minded families are set to become an interesting and affordable option for us in the future.