Yes and no. That depends on your wishes and needs. For example, whether you book a single room or a shared room or what you expect from the food and other services. The price range can be very wide depending on the region and season. Workation is of course more expensive during the school vacations. There is also the factor of wanting to afford workation in addition to the actual vacation and running costs at home. We would like to give you an exciting tip here: You can sublet your apartment while you’re on Workation. The following factors play a role here: 1. is that what you want? 2. does your landlord allow you to do this? And this is where the first exciting verdict comes in. Important: The following information does not constitute legal advice or legitimization! The Berlin Regional Court has a case before it concerning, among other things, the legitimate interest in being allowed to sublet a rented apartment during a workation, even if the landlord prohibits this. It says: “A “workation” lasting several months may constitute a legitimate interest on the part of the residential tenant in temporarily subletting the apartment on a pro rata basis within the meaning of Section 553 (1) BGB. However, the tenant may not limit himself to a merely abstract presentation of his interest in subletting, but must present his plans in concrete terms; this applies all the more if he has attempted in the past to rent out the apartment behind the landlord’s back not only partially, but in total and for more than twice the contractual rent and for a period of up to twelve months.” (Reference to openJur) We have asked the competent court to specify the “legitimate interest”. Unfortunately without success. It was also pointed out that another court does not necessarily have to follow the judgment. But it shows that you can save a lot of money. In the best case scenario, the landlord will of course allow subletting on his own initiative.