Arrived and off you go? It’s not quite that simple. You should familiarize yourself with the conditions on site. What are working environments and what are they not? Where can I make a phone call in peace? Of course, it depends on the accommodation. In a team-working villa, it is also important to have rooms where people are not working, and if someone is working there then in the knowledge that there is also life, conversations, meetings or whatever else going on around them. Decide this together as a team on the first day. In hotels, hostels or even campsites, workspaces are usually defined in advance, with coworking spaces, a desk in your own room and separate workstations. It is also advisable not to set too many appointments right at the beginning on the first day. Everyone should familiarize themselves with the working environment in the first few hours. Following a team workation booked with newworkation, you will receive a detailed checklist with all helpful information and preparation.