Increase through workation offers
employee retention and motivation.

Increase through workation offers
employee retention and motivation.

Your advantages as a Workation employer:in

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Create new motivation and innovative power through a change of location.
Demand and encourage trust, personal responsibility and entrepreneurship from your employees.

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Legal Certainty

With our international law firm partners, we have already created the framework for you on the topics of labor, tax, social security and registration law. *

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Verified Hosts

All our hosts have been checked by us, so you can be sure that your employees will find perfect conditions for concentrated work.

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Your employees will be inspired by other places and people who also use Workation. In addition, regular training and networking events are held on site.

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We want to constantly increase the efficiency of all participants. For you as a company/HR, it is also important to us to reduce expenses through interfaces and tools and to automate processes.

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Benefit from image effects
…on customer relationships
…on investor relations
…on the perception of your company
…in society

Our tip

Use Workation with us as an alternative and/or supplement to salary increases.
Support your employees with a financial contribution for their workation.
The difference with the salary increase? They do not have permanent increased fixed costs.
You define per employee:in annually which variable costs you use for the Benefit Workation.
In addition, you can use parts of these costs tax-free.

Together, we accompany and automate these processes individually and tailored to the respective corporate culture.

How does it work?

Step 1

Initial meeting, needs analysis, contract.

We jointly examine which prerequisites need to be created and draw up corresponding cooperation agreements.

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step 2

Employer:in adds employee:in.

Employer:in determines which employees can use work-live-travel, how many days and with which subsidy.

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step 3

Employees select their accommodation, including the services offered.

Service offers can be: coaching, seminars, sports offers, childcare, and much more.

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Make an appointment now

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* Necessary

Looking for a unique team workout?

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* According to §§ 1 – 8 Article 1 of the Legal Advice Act, wlt GmbH is not authorized to independently provide legal advice for the provision of legal services to third parties. In the course of its acquisition and placement order from employers, employees and the self-employed, among other things, wlt GmbH has worked out some basics for carrying out so-called workations together with professionally authorized law firms, which serve as a helpful orientation for pursuing the workation model. Detailed legal advice and the associated rights and obligations may only be implemented by authorized legal advice centers (eg law firms, lawyers).